Easter Sunday


The Resurrection of Christ is the proof that everything Jesus said and did is true. Its importance was clear to the Apostles from the beginning and was an essential element to being an Apostle. St. Peter mentioned it as a requirement for candidates (St. Matthias) being proposed to take the place of Judas in the apostolic college. For us today, it is the vindication of all that we believe and love about the truths given us through the Roman Catholic Church. Because of our Risen Savior we are able to endure any suffering or undertake any sacrifice for Him and for His honor. The enemies of God, recognizing the centrality of this miracle, have tried since this glorious event took place to insinuate doubt about it and its circumstances because they know that without Our Lord’s rising from the dead our faith would be in vain. None of the attacks, ancient or modern, on the fact of the Resurrection need worry us because they have been answered by people like St. Matthew, St. Augustine, St. Thomas Aquinas and other holy and learned doctors of the Church. Easter Sunday is the moment for us to revel in the victory of Our Lord over sin and death and our own share in that triumph.


Several classic sermons for Easter are available HERE to assist you in celebrating this glorious feastday.


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Mystery of the Empty Tomb


The Mystery of the Empty Tomb uses historical facts surrounding events in or near Jerusalem “from midnight on Maundy Thursday to dawn on Easter Sunday,” to uphold our knowledge that Our Lord rose from the dead. The author considered written civil law and oral juridico-religious code of the time; the gospel narratives of Saints Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John; and many physical and psychological elements that would have or could have affected our understanding regarding this great and magnificent mystery.


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